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A Year of Solar Excellence for Long Island Homes

Published On: Dec 20, 2023
Updated On: Dec 22, 2023

As 2023 concludes, GreenLogic fondly recalls advancing solar energy adoption across our island community. From earning top industry honors to guiding families through changing utility rates, we’ve worked hard to make this year a turning point for local clean power.

A Commitment to Quality Standing the Test of Time

For the third consecutive year, we were recognized as a NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer - Gold Status. By continually exceeding strict installation standards over the past decade, GreenLogic proves an unwavering commitment to excellence that homeowners can trust.

Continued Recognition for Outstanding Service

We are also thrilled to have recently received the Excellence in Solar Design and Installation award from SunPower for the fourth time. This honor celebrates our dedication to delivering exceptional solar projects prioritizing aesthetics, quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. We remain committed to providing installations that meet sustainability goals while enhancing home aesthetics.

Empowering Savings in a Time of New Rates

We also helped customers take control despite LIPA shifting to peak-period Time-of-Day pricing starting in 2024. Our solar experts recommended right-sized systems to offset higher afternoon/evening rates based on households’ electricity use patterns. West-facing panels timed for peak production added stability.

Showcasing Sleek Designs

Stunning completed projects display our custom solar artistry befitting unique Long Island homes. Tailored solutions amplify modern architectural lines while enabling sustainability. Thanks to clients trusting us with their properties, GreenLogic added beautiful, high-efficiency solar showpieces this year.

The GreenLogic team enters 2024 with solutions to simplify the transition to solar power even amid industry shifts. Contact us to learn how our experience and localized reputation can unlock energy savings and stability for your home.

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