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Sustainable Wine Featuring GreenLogic

Published On: Sep 20, 2022
Updated On: Sep 20, 2022

Happy National Wine Day! From all of us at GreenLogic. We hope you’re celebrating with a generous pour of whatever strikes your just palate right on a breezy May evening. (We know we will.)

But before we uncork, we wanted to take a second to spotlight some of our favorite vineyards and wineries throughout Long Island. Favorite not just because of the delicious ports, merlots, and rieslings — but because of the extra steps, they’ve taken to work toward a more sustainable community of grape growers.

Small but mighty, the Long Island viticulture community dates back to the 70s, soon blossoming into one of the more esteemed microregions for winegrowers to cultivate their craft. Nassau and Suffolk’s sandy loam, gravel, and silt have led to some truly unique growing techniques and even more unique flavor profiles.

We could go on, of course, but that’s about as far as our knowledge reaches as armchair sommeliers. Staying in our lane, here are seven locations we

Pindar Vineyards

With our help, Pindar Vineyards in Peconic installed a 156-foot tall wind turbine on their property just over a year ago. Powering more than 80%(!) of winery operations, the turbine will go a long way in offsetting their footprint as they continue to produce some of the most celebrated wines in the region.

McCall’s Vineyard and Cattle Ranch

At McCall’s in Cutchogue, we’ve helped outfit their tasting room with a renewable energy system that can power most of their indoor operations. It’s just one more reason to set up a tasting, stop by and see it all for yourself.

untitled image
untitled image

Kontokosta Winery

We’re proud to have put our names on the tasting room at Kontokosta, as well. Powering their tasting room through renewable energy systems encouraged some very positive press at opening, and we can’t wait to see (and taste) all the good things one of Long Island’s youngest wineries has in store.

Sparkling Pointe

Installing a solar array at Southold’s Sparkling Pointe was one of our more captivating projects in recent memory, helping to transform their carbonation process into a completely renewable operation. Summer’s on its way, and rest assured you’ll catch us there for a glass of sparkling.

Solar panel system by GreenLogic at Sparkling Pointe on Long Island

Gramercy Vineyards

Climatizing the wine storage at Gramercy Vineyards was another passion project of ours, installing yet another array to help responsibly and sustainably control cellar temperatures down to a fraction of a degree. The all-important last step before serving their irresistible wines.

Rose Hill Vineyards (Previously Shinn Estate)

Over at Rose Hill Vineyards in Mattituck, we’re helping power both the tasting room and storage room at one of our favorite vineyards with a solar panel system and a wind Turbine. The views are unbeatable, the wine is divine and it’s easy to feel good about where it all comes from.

untitled image
untitled image

The Wine Stand at Wölffer Estate

The Wine Stand at Wölffer Estate is fully committed to a sustainable model, implementing organic harvesting techniques, biodiversity zones, and renewable energy sources developed by yours truly. Don’t skip it the next time you’re in Sagaponack.

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