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Reasons to Get a Solar Panel Installation This Spring

Published On: Sep 20, 2022
Updated On: Nov 7, 2022

Spring is only a few short months away, and it’s one of the most common times of year for long island homeowners to replace or repair their roof. One of the considerations when installing solar panels is making sure the roofing will not be outlasted by the panels, or if it’s better to hold off until the roof is replaced.

While home improvement projects are on your mind, it’s a great time to bring solar power systems into the equation. Installing solar panels in spring will maximize your savings energy costs. Our designs can be incorporated into the roof itself, providing an elegant, aesthetically pleasing, and timely solution this season.

You may have already decided you will be installing solar panels, or you may still be deciding if solar is right for your home. In either case, you’ll want to know how seasons affect solar panels.

There are several factors you’ll want to consider when deciding on precisely when you will schedule your installation.

Why Do Seasons Affect Solar Panels?

The best months for solar production have the highest amount of peak sunlight hours. A peak sunlight hour is defined as an hour of sunlight that offers 1,000 watts of power per square meter on solar panels. These peak hours occur when the sun is highest in the sky.

In the summer, the overall number of peak sunlight hours increase. This makes summer the ideal choice for solar power production. This is also why you see so many solar setups on angled or flat roofs (and why we build into roofs themselves, to maintain a flat surface). This design allows for maximum efficiency in capturing the elevated sun’s rays.

What Time of Year Do Solar Panels Work Best?

While summer generates the most solar energy, it’s also the heaviest season for power consumption. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean a year-round consideration for your power source is a smart option.

Many home solar panel systems will generate more solar power than households actually need during the cooler months. This results in an excess of solar energy, which can be credited to your household by utility companies. This will allow you to use your surplus energy later in the summer, when you need it most.

It’s also great to have a surplus of energy for use with a solar backup battery. Virtually any Long Island resident has considered or purchased a generator in the face of heavy storms and power grid failures. Keeping a solar battery in storage is a quieter, more eco-friendly alternative (without the diesel smell).

Why is Spring the Best Season to Install Solar Panels?

We recommend installing solar panels in your home during the spring. It will still be sunny enough to immediately begin collecting solar energy. You’ll also have solar energy credits to draw from for summer.

As a bonus, solar panels on the roof will help cool down your home. In a home without solar systems, the summer heat will directly reach the roof, increasing the temperature. With a solar power array in place, this effect will be reduced and shield your home.

On a practical level, summer is also the busiest season for solar panel installations. If you want to avoid unnecessary delays in completing your installation, it’s helpful to schedule earlier in the year.

Award-Winning Solar Systems

As the solar power industry rapidly expands, there are many companies to choose from. GreenLogic holds the honor of being recognized as a Quality Solar Installer for 2022 by NYSERDA. Since 2005, we have installed more than 2,250 residential, commercial, and electric systems all over Long Island and the surrounding Tri-State area.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of this highly competitive industry and will continue working tirelessly to provide high-quality solar products to Long Island.

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