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GreenLogic’s Landmarks & Great Destinations of the North Fork

Published On: Sep 20, 2022
Updated On: Dec 6, 2022

As days cool down, the leaves change and the pumpkins turn from green to orange. Many families make the pilgrimage to the majestic North Fork of Long Island. Here, one can pick apples and sunflowers while sipping wine sourced from locally grown grapes. Many of these farms and small businesses have been in existence for the better part of this century and understand the need for renewable resources that include our food and energy.

We would like to invite you to stop in on some of these green landmark locations to see how GreenLogic’s renewable energy systems help to:

Give your kids this map to check off these locations as you pass them traveling through the pumpkin paths in the North Fork of Long Island.

At GreenLogic, we strive to power Long Island with clean, renewable energy that will last for many years to come. We want to acknowledge the above Long Island businesses for taking proactive measures that help combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. “I love the green on my grapes and the green on my roof," said Anthony Napa, a vintner on Long Island's North Fork. If we want to keep Long Island green and healthy, we must continue to champion solar power installation and teach future generations the importance of energy independence.

Businesses and residential homeowners should contact us to take advantage of the full ITC Tax Credit and install solar panels soon before the ITC is scheduled to drop at the end of this year.

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