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Nov 8, 2022

Solar Water Heaters

The Benefits of Going Solar

1. Save money, invest in your building/home, and reduce your carbon footprint

Conventional water heaters waste significant energy, accounting for 14%-25% of the energy consumed in your home and they also pollute. Solar energy is a free, unlimited resource that doesn't produce any harmful emissions.

As a renewable energy source, solar energy is one of the cleanest, most cost-effective solutions to heating your water.

2. A year-round solution, no matter where you live

Many solar water heaters work all year long, even in areas with less sun and lower temperatures.

3. Tax credits and rebates

The federal tax law provides a 30% tax credit on residential solar hot water systems, and a NY State tax credit of 25% ($5,000 cap) which could save you thousands. In addition, depending on where you live and how your heat your water, you may also be eligible for utility rebates.

4. See a return on investment in 3 to 7 years

Your water heating bill is projected to drop 50%-80% upon installation, and you won't ever have to worry about fuel shortages or fuel hikes again. Between tax credits and energy savings, a solar hot water system quickly pays for itself.

How it Works?

How a conventional hot water system works: With a conventional hot water system, you're paying to heat a large tank of water - 50 gallons on average - day and night, whether it's needed or not. Not only do you waste energy, but you also waste money!

How our solar heating system works: 

With a streamlined appearance that hugs the roofline, our solar hot water system provides an aesthetically pleasing design, that looks like a skylight. The system utilizes the sun's free energy all year long, even in areas with less sun and lower temperatures.

Here's how it works:

1. The sun heats up the liquid inside the solar panel collectors

2. The controller pumps hot liquid into the water tank

3. Hot liquid heats up the water inside the tank

4. Hot water is available for household use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Not only is there no waste, but this simple process also helps dramatically lower your water heating bill by an estimated 50%-80%.

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